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Best home air purifier. Guide to chose the purifier for you

You have decided that air quality is an important factor in your life. You tested the air as we talk in the post about air quality testing. Also, you checked the air quality index and it is not looking so good in the region. What to do next? A solution in these situations is an air purifier. They are electronic equipment that helps reduce pollutants from the air inside the home. In the following post, we will talk about the best home air purifier using different criteria.

There are two types of purifying technologies, active and passive. Active purification means the equipment is releasing negative charged ions into the atmosphere. Due to this, pollutants get stick to surfaces. Passive purification means the equipment uses filters to clean the air. Out of the two, passive technology is more efficient and doesn’t release any pollution with ozone into the room, as the active ones do. There is an industry-standard that requests a maximum of 0.05 PPM which is not dangerous for your health if you decide on an active one.

A disadvantage of passive technology is the fans used to move the air into the filters making them more nosy than some active technologies that do not use any fans. Also, there is the effort of changing periodically the filters.

There also is a category of purifiers that intentionally emits ozone. This equipment is used to take especially strong smells. It is often used to clean crime scenes of a strong decay smell. This technology is very dangerous due to the high amount of ozone release, over 3000 ppm, so home use is not really recommended.

In conclusion, even with the effort of changing the filters, we recommend the passive technology. It is more efficient and non-polluting.

The best home air purifier

If you have decided on a passive air purifier then it is important to talk about filtration. The best filter is HEPA, high-efficiency particulate arrestance. This filter removes 99.97% of the 0.3 microparticles. Usually, the HEPA filter follows an easy to clean pre-filter. The role of the pre-filter is to remove bigger particles so the HEPA filter will last longer.

In conclusion, our best choice is the Honeywell HPA series True HEPA Air Purifier.

Button for buying the best home air purifier on Amazon. Honeywell HPA series True HEPA air purifier.

The unit uses a Honeywell Genuine A+ pre-filter that helps capture large particles such as dust, lint, fibers, and pet fur. Also, reduces VOCs and odors cooking and smoking.

The second filter is the R certified true HEPA filter. Helps capture 99.97% of microscopic allergens, 0.3 micros, and larger.

The unit is easy to use with quiet operations, easy tap controls, and auto on/off timer. Also, there are 4 cleaning levels called germ, allergen, generally clean, and turbo. It comes with indicators to notify you when you have to change the pre-filter and the filter.

If you use the unit in the recommended room dimension, it will clean and circulate the air 5 times per hour, 120 times per day.

Unit model based on room dimension

HPA100 – for up to 155 square feet, or 14 square meters.

HPA 200 – for up to 310 square feet, or 28 square meters.

HPA 300 – for up to 465 square feet, or 43 square meters.

Runner up to best home air purifier

Our runner up is the Winix 5500-2 Air purifier with True HEPA filter.

The unit is a very interesting piece of equipment with several features worth mentioning. Firstly, a True HEPA filter combined with a Carbon Filter helps reduce airborne pollutants and also removes odors. Secondly, the plasma wave acts like a permanent filter to break down odors without harmful ozone. Thirdly, but most importantly, the smart sensor gauge the air, and the auto mode adjusts the fan to filter the air as needed.

Also, the purifier has a functioning sound up to 27.8 dB and night mode operation. It is used for rooms up to 360 square feet – 33 square meters.

Best value home air purifier

Our best value is Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier with UV Light Sanitizer.

This purifier uses a True HEPA filter for particles small as 0.3 micros and a pre-filter for bigger particles like dust. In addition, the UV-C light kills air-borne viruses like influenza and staph and works with Titanium Dioxide to reduce VOC. Also, the active charcoal filter helps reduce odors.

In addition, the purifier has 3-speed settings. The low one can be used for night time operation. It is best used for rooms up to 165 square feet – 15 square meters.

Smartest air purifier

In the smartest category, we will find a unit that monitors automatically the air and adjust the cleaning program. Also has other benefits to your health.

Our choice is the Alen BreatheSmart 45i HEPA Air Purifier for rooms up to 800 square feet – 74 square meters.

The main features of this unit that land it in the Smart category is first, Air quality sensor and indicator. The function will adjust automatically the fan speed. And secondly, a second function is the pink noise to improve sleep with the Whisper Max. The purifier creates pink noise for improved deep sleep.

The purifier has a slick design and comes in different colors, fitting in any room.

It has all the filtration power that the other presented units have with pre-filtering and HEPA filter and due to the blade design, it can purify 800 square feed every 30 minutes.

Due to the high number of functions given, also the unit has a high price tag that being the reason why it didn’t get our Best purifier spot.

Best portable air purifier

A portable unit has many advantages when you are on the go. It is easy to take it with you to the office, hotels, car, or other small arias that needs air improvement.

For the best portable, we have chosen LG PuriCare Mini – Ultra Quiet Portable Air Purifier.

At 1.63 pounds and 9.02*4.41*4.17 inches, the unit is lightweight and easily portable.

It has an integrated lithium battery allowing 8 hours of function in low settings.

The purifier is able to remove 99% of the 0.3 microparticles. Also, it has a low mode function that allows the unit to quite as a whisper, with sound around 30dB.

Another interesting feature is the PM1.0 sensor and a four-colored indicator to show the air quality. The dual inverter motors and twin tornado dual fan design helps to move faster the air in the room creating a purified ambient

It has two buttons on the top for easy control and comes with smart features like Bluetooth and an application useful for remote control, filter information, battery level, pollution history, automatic notification, and real-time ambient air condition.


Can air purifiers remove wood dust generated from cutting?

The answer is yes, they will clean the air of wood dust.

Will purifiers remove stale smoke smell from the room?

This depends on the unit itself if it has carbon filtering. If your unit has it will remove a lot of smells from rooms.

Are the units noisy at a high speed?

The answer is yes a majority of the units will be noisy in turbo mode so the recommendation is if you want to filter the air in the bedroom, you should start some earlier and when going to sleep, change the mode to sleep.


Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. Also, in all price ranges. If you don’t like my proposal, then just keep in mind to check the filtration method and space requirements.


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