My Story

Hey, I am Alin, and welcome to my blog

I am 30 years old and since I can remember I was always interested in technology. I have started with computer components and trends in technology to make my PC faster. Always tried to balance performance and money.

Then my interest moved to everything surrounding computers, like keyboard, mouse, headset, speakers, normal version, gaming versions, and so on. Technology evolved and got smaller and more powerful. I continued with smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smart homes, and everything that the tech giants advertised as smart.

Products now have the same performances and similar designs, the difference being in pricing and reliability. Reliability is the reference for how long the equipment maintains a good performance level. Not like some phones that run 10 years but after the first year, it lags like crazy.

Usually, reliability is not part of the product description. Sometimes the warranty is an indicator of reliability, but not always. To find the most reliable product, research has to be done. By research, I mean Youtube reviews, forum discussions, customer feedback, and blog posts. Very important not to read the feedbacks with five starts. The ones with one or two stars are of interest. Usually, I do a lot of research in advance before I buy something. Also, experiencing the product is important. I try to see it in showrooms if it is possible or order it from online shops with a return policy. It is good to have the opportunity to return a product if you don’t like it.

How the interest in a clean environment started

Three years ago, my boy was born. I realized that in the first year we will spend the majority of the time inside our home, so the environment is important. We started cleaning more often, and we started using natural cleaning products. Also, the vacuum cleaner got an upgrade to a version with HEPA filters to reduce the dust it emits and we donated all our house plants. These were the first steps in reducing the pollutants in the air.

We were renting at that time and we slept together with the baby in a small bedroom. When the winter came and we started heating, the air was very dry. Outside it was too cold so the humidity was low. This was the first experience with a humidifier. After that, there was a smell of mold so we called someone to verify, and this presented another challenge, eliminating the mold.

In that period, I studied the harmful factors that were in our home environment to try to improve them. It was a period full of revelations and changes in lifestyle.

Time has passed and we got the opportunity of buying a new house, where I used everything I learned and created a healthy environment for my family.

In this blog, I will share what I learned. Also, I will present equipment that I am an affiliate marketer for. I will make a commission to sustain my family if you decide to buy thru the link presented here.